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Monday May 13 2024 - Scripts Due April 30
Monday June 10 2024 - Scripts Due May 31

Monday July 15 2024 - Scripts Due June 30
Monday August 12 2024 - Scripts Due July 31
Monday Sept 16 2024 - Scripts Due Aug 31
Monday October 21 2024 - Scripts Due Oct 7
Monday Nov 18 2024 - Scripts Due Nov 4 




We are so very excited to announce that after many years, The Assembly Theatre will be inheriting Toronto Indie Theatre's favourite event SING FOR YOUR SUPPER.

On the second Monday of every month (or there about), Sing for your Supper gives playwrights and actors –even those with little to no experience – a chance to meet each other, share ideas and workshop new scripts before an audience, on the fly and outside conventional theatre venues.

This cold reading series is also a unique opportunity for writers to have their work read in a new light, with no pressure or expectations.


* Please submit a max 12 page scene for consideration (these pages are what will be performed)

* Scenes can be about ANYTHING! Could be an excerpt of a longer work, a one-shot, a sketch, anything act-able from any genre is welcome!

* You can have 1 character, you can have 15 characters - totally up to you!

* Please submit your scripts via this   google form    for consideration

* The scripts will then receive a live workshop by Toronto talent on a first come first serve basis.

* For questions, please email:

We as a community are committed to addressing barriers both within the theatre industry, and within our own community of artists. We strongly encourage and will prioritize submissions from members of equity-seeking communities, including artists who are BIPOC, LGBTQ2S+, and/or Disability-identified. Please note that unfortunately the Assembly Theatre is not an accessible space and although we are happy to accept scripts from physically disabled artists, we will not be able to accommodate participation in person. 


* SIGN UP FOR PERFORMANCE OPENS AT 7:30pm  on the night
* Performers are asked to arrive 45 mins prior the 8:15 pm curtain. This allows everyone enough time to get acquainted with the script and introduce themselves to one and other in a very casual, collaborative and creative environment.


Created in May of 2007 by RedOne Theatre Collective co-founder & Artistic Director Benjamin Blais SING FOR YOUR SUPPER quickly became a runaway success within the Toronto theatre community. Managed & hosted by fellow ROTC founders Brenhan McKibben, Joe Dinicol, Mac Fyfe & Lauren Williams until 2010 SFYS grew from its humble beginnings, touring restaurants along the burgeoning Ossington & West Queen West strip, to larger venues such as the then newly renovated Gladstone Hotel, legendary Cameron House and the boho studios of illustrious street artist Victor Fraser in the now demolished Temperance Street Lofts.


Revived for its second incarnation in January of 2014 by Benjamin Blais, Brenhan McKibben & Danny Pagett SING FOR YOUR SUPPER ran for three exciting years at Toronto's popular Storefront Theatre. Hosted by local performers & playwrights Kat Letwin & Scott Garland the event found new life and record breaking attendances. It then moved to the Tarragon Theatre in 2017 and ran virtually throughout the COVID19 pandemic of 2020, providing comfort and creative outlets to a cooped up artistic community. 


Now in its third incarnation at The Assembly Theatre SING FOR YOUR SUPPER is thrilled to have found a new home to celebrate the next generation of fresh voices.


The Storefront Theatre, 2014

Sing For Your Supper, Storefront Theatre, 2015

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