Back in August, the team at the Assembly Theatre had an idea to create a 'covid-proof' art festival. The idea was to present art through our large storefront window to patrons on the sidewalk. We called it The Window Of Opportunity Festival (WOO FEST). As the covid-19 numbers began to soar, the team made the difficult decision to post-pone the live event as per city regulations. From there, the second iteration of WOO FEST was conceived - and online edition. As we wait for the covid-19 numbers to drop, we are proud to present the work of 6 artist groups who have created these pieces of art from the safety of their homes and bubbles. 


DATES: February 16 - February 26 2021

WHERE TO WATCH: Our Youtube Channel 

COST: This festival is a PWYC. On our donation page you can select which artist group you wish your donation to go to. Which ever group you select, your money will go directly to that group. Any dollar amount will be accepted. Suggested price is $10.00 


FEBRUARY 16 2021 "Normal People"

Created by Rachel Levitt  // Danced By: Nicole Decsey 

The shocking true story of a family struggling to care for a neurologically ill child, “Normal People” is a work of spoken word communicated through dance. The beginning of the piece is a chilling glimpse into living with a monster, and exposes frightening examples of how “professionals” can abuse their influence. As it continues, our narrator turns the work around and makes a raw case for activism that isn’t rooted in tossing pennies at charities or posting “educational” articles on Instagram, and asks the audience to make active choices to enhance other people’s lives instead. Because, as the work states, “We’re all just ‘Normal People’ and, I think it’s time we listened less and heard more.” 

To contribute to the team of "Normal People" please visit the donation site and select - FEB 16: Rachel Levitt (Dance : Corps) - "Normal People"

FEBRUARY 18 2021 "Surveillance (A Raccoon Viral Video)"

Created By: Annie Lujan, Sasha Luna & Veronica Hortiguela // Directed By: Ken Hall

Surveillance, directed by Ken Hall, is a sneakishly silent short that follows three Toronto raccoons on their daily hunt for garbage. When they learn that trash isn’t on the menu, they take matters into their own oily hands. Surveillance was inspired by Toronto’s infamous raccoon viral videos, Zoom call grid screens and an age-old love affair with creamy garlic dipping sauce. Our experimental and improvised short is a clown’s attempt at crossing a road, searching for trash and the art of stealth.

To contribute to the team of "Surveillance (A Raccoon Viral Video)" please visit the donation site and select - FEB 18: Annie Lujan, Sasha Luna & Veronica Hortiguela - "Surveillance" Directed By Ken Hall

FEBRUARY 20 2021 "WHAT A GUY! Live"

Created By: Sebastian Biasucci

Guy Fieri was super bummed when the Window of Opportunity Festival was postponed back in October but is thrilled to be participating in this online version with so many incredible artists! Join Guy (Sebastian Biasucci) for a Live performance and Q&A over at The Assembly Theatre’s YouTube channel! He’ll be answering all of your questions, telling stories, giving advice and much more, LIVE from his Flavortown bunker! This virtual meet and greet will get you prepped and ready for Guy’s return to Toronto later this year!

To contribute to the team of "WHAT A GUY! Live" please visit the donation site and select - FEB 20 : Sebastian Biasucci - "What A Guy: Live".

FEBRUARY 22 2021 "I Forgive U"

Created By: Lucy Morgan

I forgive you. What a concept. When the person you’re forgiving might not deserve it. But the thing about holding onto the past, is that it controls everything you do whether you’re aware of it or not. Once you let go of the anger, you set yourself free. Hold onto the good, let go of the bad.

To contribute to the team of "I Forgive U" please visit the donation site and select - FEB 22 : Lucy Morgan - "I Forgive U".

FEBRUARY 24 2021 "The Commute"

Created By:  Jack Copland

Born in Kelowna and raised in Mississauga, Jack grew up playing sports and watching movies. Jack is a multiple-disciplinary artist that enjoys working on projects with other passionate individuals. Graduate of Western University and the George Brown Theatre School. What was Homer's Odyssey if not one long commute? 

To contribute to the team of "The Commute" please visit the donation site and select - FEB 24 : Jack Copland- "The Commute.

FEBRUARY 26 2021 "HINDSIGHT IS 2020: Impeachment"

Created By:  The Assembly Theatre

The following show you are about to watch was created and filmed in isolation during a world-wide pandemic lockdown. As such, it looks and feels exactly as you would imagine it would. On December 31, 2019 humanity made a collective New Years resolution and the universe answered with a hearty "FUCK YOU. It was going to be our year, wasn't it? Unfortunately, HINDSIGHT IS 2020.

To contribute to the team of "HINDSIGHT IS 2020: Impeachment" please visit the donation site and select - FEB 26 : The Assembly Theatre "HINDSIGHT IS 2020: Impeachment".

Have questions about WOO FEST? Email us at TheAssemblyTheatre@gmail.com