COVID-19 in Current Community News

Please note that until further notice, The Assembly Theatre is CLOSED to the public as the city of Toronto is currently under lockdown ordinance. Should you have questions, feel free to email until a time becomes available for us to reopen in accordance to the rules set by the province of Ontario.

In the interest of public safety, The Assembly implements our own system of protocol IN ADDITION to Health Canada’s protocol. We add this additional layer of protection to ensure we are being vigilant in our own right. While we are excited to get back to the important work of making theatre, we also want to ensure that everyone who uses the Assembly is safe. Once the lockdown has lifted and we enter Phase one of reopening, Assembly theatre will be available for small rehearsals, classes and play readings (no audience) only. All bookings MUST adhere to the guidelines below.

The Assembly Theatre Phase One

• Maximum of 8 people in the space at any given time, no exceptions.

• All participants must practice social distancing at all times.

• Groups must stagger their entering and exiting to help maintain social distance.

• Masks worn at all time unless performing for a camera; scene study without mask  

   must maintain 6 feet apart with  all offstage participants masked and distanced.

• All who enter MUST sign in and provide a name, number and email for contact


• Sanitizer will be provided throughout the space and must be used before exiting and

  entering the premise.

Upon rental, The Assembly will provide full detail pertaining to space usage as rules surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic develop further.

For recent updates on the COVID-19 pandemic in Ontario, click here.



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